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The best treatment for your media.

Maybe in the past it was okay to have a sketchy understanding of media. After all it’s full of jargon and maybe your time’s better spent getting the best creative – right? Wrong.

The Media Doctor has helped a range of Advertisers cure their media ailments. We can give you a second opinion on your current media plans and show you how to get the best from your media agency.

We can train up the marketing team in what they should know about media planning and buying. They should know enough about media to be able to both guide and challenge the media agency. The agency will thank you as it’ll enable them to do their best work!

With rapid changes underway in the way people are ‘consuming’ traditional media, plus the explosion of digital and social media, it’s crucial that an advertiser understands the communication options available and how best to use them.

Example training Course for Marketing people:

“What every advertiser should know about media”

  • Understanding media jargon – from definition of a TVR, to Effective Frequency, to CTRs online
  • Essentials of a media brief – what to include, how to write it
  • How to read media plans – what they mean, what you should look out for
  • Setting KPIs to manage and incentivise the media agency towards excellence
  • Setting agency remuneration – Fees, commissions, rebates

Course content always tailored to the needs and roles of delegates. The course takes marketing personnel up to media expert level fast. Training is usually done in your own offices at times to suit you.

Media consultancy

Every advertiser occasionally needs to question the quality of their media service. Sometimes you want to make a full Review or maybe just want an expert second opinion on an important issue. The Media Doctor is on call to help.

Examples of type of question we can answer:

  • Are we using the right media mix and how much should we spend?
  • Are the Coverage & Frequency objectives adequate and being delivered?
  • How good is our targeting and should consumer engagement actions be planned?
  • What are the implications of the growth of Digital and Social Media for us?
  • How good is our media buying and should we appoint a Media Auditing company?

For these or other issues, the Media Doctor can prescribe the right course of treatment.


Marketing people need to understand the key drivers of media market and the
implications for marketing communications of emerging consumer media behaviour
trends. This knowledge leads to more profitable brands and services.

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Media Sales people need to know how best to market their medium to agencies and advertisers in the changing environment in order to remain relevant and to grow advertising sales.

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Media Agency people need to be experts in the craft of their business and to understand how they can harness emerging trends via better media strategies and
plans for their clients. This will help in new business too.

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Creative Agency people need to keep up to date with the media landscape as well as important emerging media behaviour trends in order to best advise their clients and to help create relevant and impactful advertising.

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