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Giving Media Sales a healthy advantage.

Media sales today is not only grappling with the economic downturn but also the challenge of the digital era.

That’s where the Media Doctor comes in. We’ve provided training & consultancy for a range of Irish media owners, improving sales team competitiveness via real understanding of media agency practice and competitor media’s sales strategies.

This sales advantage makes propositions more compelling for Media Agencies and Advertisers, reflecting current and future communication trends. That means more sales and more revenue.

Training course for media owners
- “How best to sell your medium” -


  • Learning about the strengths & weaknesses of different media from the agency perspectiveFind out how media are selected and the criteria used
  • Understand the emerging trends your medium should tie into
  • Making more compelling sales pitches
  • Discover new revenue streams to target

Course content is always tailored to the needs and roles of delegates. Training is usually done in your own offices at times to suit you. Most courses conclude with a Quiz to bring out the competitive instincts!

Media Consultancy

Every media owner strives to make the sales pitch more effective and likely to produce results – we’re talking about money! The Media Doctor brings you a vital perspective – how you and your medium are perceived by those who plan & buy media for advertisers. We evaluate your current approach, undertake stakeholder research, suggest improvements and identify new sources of revenue.

Examples of advice we can deliver:

  • How your medium perceived is compared to competitors
  • How your medium can be selected more by Media Agencies
  • How best to approach Advertisers
  • How to exploit emerging trends like the growth of Digital & Social Media
  • How to build consumer engagement and interaction into your offer

For these or other issues, the Media Doctor can prescribe the right course of treatment.


Marketing people need to understand the key drivers of media market and the
implications for marketing communications of emerging consumer media behaviour
trends. This knowledge leads to more profitable brands and services.

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Media Sales people need to know how best to market their medium to agencies and advertisers in the changing environment in order to remain relevant and to grow advertising sales.

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Media Agency people need to be experts in the craft of their business and to understand how they can harness emerging trends via better media strategies and
plans for their clients. This will help in new business too.

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Creative Agency people need to keep up to date with the media landscape as well as important emerging media behaviour trends in order to best advise their clients and to help create relevant and impactful advertising.

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